Ensuring maximum dryer proficiency, efficiency, and end-part quality using current dryer technology

June 11

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Technology has made great strides in the world of resin drying. Desiccant tanks and low-efficiency/high heat processes are obsolete. New software and hardware-based technology allows for maximum energy efficiency while guaranteeing moisture is removed from material before it enters the molding or extrusion process. 
This webinar will cover technology available today that protects resin from over-drying or under-drying while guaranteeing that material dew point is where you need it, while using the least amount of energy. 

Primary Topics: 

  • Understanding dewpoint
  • Energy efficiency and temperature setback
  • Mobile drying
  • Monitoring material during the drying process. 

A.J. Zambanini 

A.J. Zambanini started at Conair in the PET packaging group. He then advanced to the role of Regional Manager. Now, as Drying Product Manger he is responsible for the drying product line and product innovations. He graduated from Penn State in 2010 with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Minor in Technical sales. A.J. came to Conair as a former customer where he was responsible for plant and capital improvement projects. His on-the-job knowledge of systems has served as a huge asset in understanding pain points and assisting customers solve problems.