Best Practices for Medical Application Production - What Every Processor Needs to Know

June 11, 2020

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What are the best practices for plastics processors in the medical sector using highly advanced procedures and methods? Plastic molders and extruders in the medical industry have specific processing needs. The production, process flow, and material conditioning stages must be monitored and validated to high standards to provide quality-controlled parts to the end user.

This webinar addresses all aspects of auxiliary system applications and systems design best practices, as well as a thorough description of the validation process so imperative to medical processors.

Primary Topics:

  • Medical industry requirements
  • Piovan Group product range for Medical
  • Advanced systems engineering and customization for your factory
  • Medical Application - Nordson Medical case history


Bill Goldfarb
President, Universal Dynamics Inc.
Bill’s 35-year career at Universal Dynamics has brought him great exposure to all aspects of Plastics Auxiliary Systems while in the positions of Sales Engineer, Material Handling Systems Manager, Vice President of the Integrated Systems Group and becoming company President in 2007.  
Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Radford University.

Pierino Martinato
Business Manager - Medical & Pharmaceutical, Piovan SpA
Joined Piovan in 2000 as Area Manager, Pierino Martinato is Business Manager with a strong expertise in auxiliary equipment industry with a deeply knowledge of the medical worldwide market. Thanks to his engineering and technical competences combined with commercial skills, he contributed significantly to develop the Medical industry sector inside within Piovan Group. His professional profile is completed with the degree in International Economy by the University of Padova (Italy).