Integrated, traceable, automatic flow control for your tooling and process

September 21

There are many advantages that come from plumbing a tooling’s cooling lines in parallel. However, many molders often find this impractical because to do it properly one needs a flow regulator installed to balance the flow. This adds cost, complexity to the setup, and maintenance to the process, but can bear great fruit in terms of cycle time improvements and process consistency. 
The future is an automated system, integrated into the molding machine, running in the background of your mold set up. The flows and temperatures are set when the mold is qualified, and now those settings follow the mold wherever its program goes. That future is here now with the Flowcon Plus automatic flow regulator. 

Primary Topics: 
• Evolution of mold cooling 
• Issues with mold cooling 
• Solutions for mold cooling 

Presenter: Nicholas Paradiso 
Nicholas Paradiso is Division Manager for Material Handling and Auxiliaries for Wittmann Battenfeld Inc., Torrington, CT. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and he started his career with Wittmann 5 years ago. Nick quickly grew his career within Wittmann, where he successfully constructed an engineering group to support our growing sales performance, rapidly advancing from Applications Engineer to Engineering Manager to his current position of Division Manager.

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