Is Additive Manufacturing Really Production-Ready?

August 28


Additive manufacturing has come a long way from its days as a prototyping tool. But can you really use it for production-grade parts? Watch this webinar to get a data-packed look at what's truly possible in additive today.

Primary Topics:

  • The additive materials landscape
  • How additive manufacturing meets existing part qualifications processes
  • The business case for switching parts production to additive manufacturing
  • Real case studies of engineering teams and companies who are using additive manufacturing for industrial-grade production

Matt Schroeder
Senior Application Engineer, Fast Radius
Matt Schroeder, Sr. Application Engineer, Fast Radius, is an innovative mechanical engineer and business strategist with a background in manufacturing and design across multiple sectors. Matt has great passion for leading additive and digital manufacturing adoption; partnering with enterprise customers to realize previously unattainable technological feats, production timelines, inventory reduction, and mass customization opportunities using the latest manufacturing technologies.


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