Decorating Plastics – Label & Packaging Solutions

July 26

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Join us for an informational session about all the options on decoration methods for your plastic packaging. We will dive into the pros and cons of each packaging type, an assessment on sustainability, expected investment costs, as well how Inland can guide you in your decision for the best decoration solution for your packaging. 

Primary Topics: 
- What is trending the marketplace 
- Various label and packaging types for your plastic packaging 
- Advantages of each packaging type 
- The investment that goes into it 

Presenter: Roman Artz 
Roman Artz has been with Inland Packaging for 31 years. Roman received his degree from UW-La Crosse in Secondary Education. Prior to joining the Inland team, Roman taught at a local high school. With Inland, Roman had varying roles within the sales and R&D teams. As he enters the latter half of his career, things have come full circle as he dedicates his time to teaching, training, and supporting the development of current and new employees. Roman was instrumental in not only getting Inland into the In-Mold label market but in helping them become the North American leader in IML.