How Flexible and User-Friendly Collaborative Robots (Cobots) Can Optimize Your Injection Molding Production

June 19

The webinar details how collaborative robots can automate a wide range of injection molding tasks, delivering a fast ROI and an increase in quality and production while addressing staff retention and high mix/low volume challenges. 

Following overview of the opportunities presented by Universal Robots, Joe McGillivray, CEO of injection molder Dynamic Group, will discuss how the UR robots installed in his company quadrupled production capacity in those applications. 

Primary Topics: 
• What tasks to efficiently automate with flexible deployment of cobots 
• How cobots’ ease of use speed up installation 
• How to interface collaborative robots with other robots/machinery 
• How cobots improve employees’ work environment 

Presenters: Douglas Peterson and Joe McGillivray 
Douglas Peterson, General Manager of Universal Robots’ Americas division, has a proven track record of more than 25 years in industrial automation and electronics manufacturing. He joined the cobot market leader in 2016, coming from a CEO position with Tennessee Industrial Electronics, a leader in refurbished FANUC CNC and robot parts. 

Dynamic Group’s CEO, Joe McGillivray, is one of three second-generation owner-operators honored to help celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. The provider of validated injection molding systems for small, precise, and complex products leverages cobots to dramatically reduce customers’ time-to-market and maintain award-winning quality for the medical, dental, and other markets.

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