Electric Injection Molding Systems

As a leader in all-electric injection molding machines since their invention, Milacron Plastics Machinery today continues to build on its proven expertise in this powerful technology.

For clean, quiet, environmentally friendly injection molding, Milacron provides three lines of all-electric injection molding machines:



POWERLINE® — Energy savings from 50-80%, along with process optimization for the highest part productivity, quality and operational profitability.


POWERPAK® – Originated from the Powerline series, the POWERPAK® combines the optimum solution of either an all-electric actuator or use of an accumulator hybrid system for the most demanding high speed, high volume molding applications.
ROBOSHOT® – Repeatable and precise cycles that are 5 to 50% faster compared with hydraulic machines –at less than half the energy use of hydraulic machines.