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BASF Increases Prices of Additives for Plastic Applications

Citing higher costs of raw materials and logistics, BASF is hiking prices of plastic additives by up to 10%.


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BASF, Florham Park, N.J., has announced it is increasing  prices of plastic additives (e,g,, UV stabilizers, antioxidants, processing aids, lubricants, pigments, and PVC heat stabilizer) by up to 10%, effective immediately.

As is the case with other plastic additives suppliers, the company attributed the price adjustment to higher costs for raw materials and logistics. PT recently reported on similar pricing actions taken by the SI Group, Schenectady, New York, and  Dover Chemical, Dover, Ohio.

BASF increases plastic additives prices citing higher costs of raw materials and logistics

BASF Plastic Additives is part of BASF’s Performance Chemicals division. The portfolio also includes fuel and lubricant solutions, kaolin minerals, as well as oilfield and mining solutions, servicing customers from a variety of industries including chemicals, plastics, consumer goods, energy & resources, and automotive & transportation.


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