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New Head of Process Technologies at Engel Austria

Dr. Johannes Kilian is the new Head of Process Technologies at Engel Austria, following the retirement of Prof. Dr. Georg Steinbichler.


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Following Steinbichler’s retirement, Engel has reorganized its development department and is now focused even more on process technology. Engels says products for increasing process capability, such as the smart assistance systems of the iQ product family, as well as new services, have been bundled in the Process Technologies department under the responsibility of Kilian.

Kilian has been with Engel since 2013, initially as assistant to the CTO, where he assumed responsibility for global development as project manager. Since 2015 Kilian has headed the Simulation and Control Technology department. He studied mechatronics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria, where he completed his academic education with a PhD in technical sciences. Parallel to his work at Engel, Kilian is also involved in training engineers at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences in Wels.

Johannes Kilian

Johannes Kilian is the new head of process technologies for Engel Austria. 


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