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Nissei Acquires Controlling Interest in Negri Bossi

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Nissei of Japan is buying 75% of Italy’s Negri Bossi Group.

Rumors were flying in early October, and they were validated in late November, when Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. of Japan decided to acquire control of Negri Bossi Group in Italy. For now, Nissei plans to buy 75% of the shares of Negri Bossi and the remaining 25% in a few years. Both firms make injection molding machines, and Negri Bossi Group also includes robot maker Sytrama.


Nissei is buying 75% of Negri Bossi Group.

Nissei is buying 75% of Negri Bossi Group.


Nissei’s announcement of the move noted that Nissei will benefit from Negri Bossi’s strong presence in the European market and in ultra-large injection machines not currently in Nissei’s line. Future plans include sale of Nissei machines in Europe through Negri Bossi; development of future machines “based on Italian design and Japanese quality”; and shorter delivery times and price reduction by sharing supply chains. Nissei says production efficiencies can be realized by using Nissei’s manufacturing facilities to produce Negri Bossi machines, since Negri Bossi is currently highly dependent on outsourcing. Negri Bossi’s sales dropped a total of 13% from fiscal years 2016 to 2018, though net income improved 31%.


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