Stretch Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

PET Blow Molding Tech Services for Small & Mid-Size Molders

Help with overhauls, maintenance, machine installations, startups, etc. is now priced for a wider market of PET blow molders.


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Proplastic Solutions, Scottsdale, Ariz., a technical services provider for PET bottle makers, has launched a new program tailored to be affordable by small to mid-size stretch-blow molders using either two-stage or single-stage machines. Proplastic Solutions ( was started in 2012 by Harold Bailey, who has 20 years’ experience in PET stretch-blow molding, to fill a niche in the market caused by “a serious lack of technical personnel,” as he puts it. He now has 16 field-service engineers in nine locations. Up to now, they have served mainly large beverage-industry firms like Coca-Cola, Ocean Spray, Nestle Waters, Cargill, Niagara Bottling, Cott Beverages, Serac Inc., and Sonoco Plastics. His firm performs, overhauls, maintenance, machine installations, startups, and technicians for day or night shift support to fill voids left by seasonal fluctuations, vacation absences, and attrition. These services also include palletizers, case packers and other product-handling equipment. Proplastic also offers help with project management, product development, process engineering, and training. The company recently installed APF-3002 two-stage stretch-blow machine from PET Engineering of Austria, which is available for training. Says Bailey, “We are the largest third-party technical-support provider for PET blow molding, and one of very few companies in this field.”

To expand its market to small and mid-sized molders, Proplastic will focus on companies within 60 miles of its technicians’ nine locations. That will eliminate most travel expenses, which often deters smaller companies, Bailey notes. Proplastic will also lower charges for overtime and weekends, and add other payment options.


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