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Additives: Colorants Give Plastic Parts Look of Naturally-Occurring Materials

PolyOne’s new Shades of Nature colorants mimic stone, marble, granite and more.


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Formulated using a proprietary process, a new collection of ten masterbatch colorants enable plastic to mimic naturally-occurring materials such as stone, marble and granite. Recently launched byPolyOne, Avon Lake, Ohio, as part of the company’s OnColor Polymer Colorants masterbatch portfolio, the Shades of Nature colorants are aimed to meet a trend among designers who increasingly value individuality over uniformity in markets such as cosmetics, electronics, appliances, and building materials. The trend reportedly began with the ‘green’ building movement, which revels in imperfect and textured natural materials such as bamboos, stone, marble, and minerals.

Each shade is created from color pigments and particles, ranging from almond shells and reflective flakes to synthetic fibers and pearlescents. In combination with surface texture and part geometry, these masterbatches give plastic parts the appearance of naturally-occurring materials so, for example, designers could create a toaster that appears to be carved out of granite. These colorants can be processed using standard equipment, are available in standard finishes, and can also be customized in various polymers or recycled resins for multiple applications.