Automation: Strong Vacuum Gripper for Cobots

Piab piCOBOT gripper fits all types of cobots.

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A vacuum gripper that is small and light but can lift objects weighing up to 15.5 lb is new from Piab. Its piCOBOT is an end-of-arm vacuum tool designed specifically for cobots. It is described as a “plug-and-play” unit designed to fit any type of cobot arm. It is already certified by Universal Robots for use on its cobots.

Offered as a development kit, piCOBOT comprises a vacuum pump, gripper, and two suction cups. The standard kit includes four different sets of suction cups suited to a variety of tasks, but customers can also choose from Piab’s extensive range of suction cups for more tailored solutions. The piCOBOT’s gripper arms are 3.8 to 5.6 in. wide and tiltable ±15°. They can be fitted with two suction cups, or the gripper can be replaced by a single suction cup mounted directly on the piCOBOT pump unit. The compact unit has a low build height of 2.7 in. It weighs only 18 ox and the gripper adds another 7.4 oz.