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Feeding/Blending: Volumetric Feeding of Strand-Type Materials

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Volumetric feeder specially designed for handling strand-type materials, including fiberglass.

Acrison Inc. has released what it’s calling an enhanced version of its Model 905-18 feeder, specifically targeting strand-type materials with small amounts of moisture, such as fiberglass, in lengths ranging from 0.4 to 0.75 inch.

The feeder features a 5-ft3 supply hopper with a specially configured distribution trough to ensure reliable product flow. The distribution trough empties onto a slow-moving metering/conveyor belt with two pile depth control and leveling mechanisms to produce a consistent depth and width of material on the belt.

Acrison notes that the metering/conveyor belt and the two leveling mechanisms have a proportional relationship that allows them to operate independently, with motion powered by heavy-duty variable-speed gearmotors. A rotating, dispersing mechanism operating at the discharge end of the belt produces a uniform flow of material off the belt while the output feed rate is controlled by the belt’s speed.


Acrison says that installing the Model 905-18 Feeder as the metering mechanism of its Model 402 loss-in-weight weighing system permits gravimetric metering. The entire feeder, including the supply hopper, is manufactured in 304 stainless steel. Acrison says the feeder, which reportedly requires minimal maintenance, is self-emptying, easy to clean, and virtually silent during operation.


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