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3/14/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Flat Centering Unit Enables High-Precision Centering of Inserts

Originally titled 'Flat Centering Unit Enables High-Precision Centering of Inserts'
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Meusburger designed its E 1307 centering installs with minimum space, providing inserts with maximum space utilization within the insert.

The new E 1307 fine centering unit from Meusburger is flat and features minimal installation space. This provides for the maximum use of space within the insert. The DLC coated centering elements are available with or without fixing holes, which enables maximum flexibility during design and reduces the wear to a minimum.

Meusburger says it designed this centering element as small as possible to achieve the exact centering of the individual inserts, but still equipped the centering unit with technical refinements. The product features a compact design and defined installation positions, which prevents incorrect mounting of the respective centering parts. The hardened and DLC-coated fine centering unit ensures minimal wear and is ideal for use in cleanrooms. The large chamfer on the contact surface of the centering parts enables the introduction of corner radii for better hardening results on the insert. It also facilitates assembly. The withdrawal thread facilitates disassembly. The fine centering unit is available in two versions with two sizes each. The E 13076 comes with mounting holes as a ready-to-use variant, and the E 13070 comes without mounting holes for individual adjustment to the required dimensions on a specific insert. The data is available in the online shop and is downloadable for export to the respective CAD system.

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