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Injection Molding: Small Presses Boost Plasticizing Volume 50 Percent

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Boy Machines has extended the screw stroke and injection force on its XS and XXS machines to increase maximum stroke volume.

Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG (U.S. headquarters in Exton, Penn.) has extended the the stroke of the 18-mm screws on its Boy XS 10-ton (100 kN) and Boy XXS 6-ton injection molding machines, as well as increasing injection force by 25 percent, to grant them 50 percent more plasticizing volume—allowing them a much wider shot size range compared to machines of a comparable clamp force, according to Boy.

Prior to this change, the maximum plasticizing volume for these machines was 10.2 cm³, but starting in mid-2020, the XS and XXS will offer a maximum stroke volume of 15.3 cm³ as standard. Boy notes that these machines utilize screw plasticizing from 8 to 18 mm for first-in-first-out melting of pellets, versus piston plasticizing. Maximum, specific injection pressures of up to 3128 bar are available. Injection units customized to process a variety of materials—including bio-based compounds, elastomers, LSR—are available.

Boy Machines XS and XXS injection molding machines

Boy Machines has altered the injection units of its XS and XXS injection molding machines to boost their available shot volume while maintaining a small footprint.