Resin Conveying | 1 MINUTE READ

Materials Handling: Networked Metal Separators Ready for Industry 4.0

Sesotec metal separators incorporate OPC-UA communications protocol.


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At October’s Fakuma show in Germany, Sesotec GmbH ( U.S. office in Bartlett, Ill.) presented for the first time its Protector, Rapid Pro Sense, and GF metal separators with OPC-UA communications protocol integrated into their controls. These systems detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles, even embedded within plastic pellets or regrind.

OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications-Unified Architecture) is becoming an international standard for “smart factories,” or Industry 4.0. With OPC-UA, these metal separators can communicate with central plant computers or directly with injection and blow molding machines and extruders to protect against damage and clogging of mold and die channels.


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