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New Electric Machines for Injection-Blow & Stretch-Blow Molding

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Clean, fast, and energy-efficient machines from Pet All Manufacturing.

Three new lines of all-electric blow molding machines are being exhibited by Pet All Manufacturing Inc. Its electric injection-blow series is represented by the 88-ton, three-station IBM 300/700 machine. A test on a nine-cavity mold producing 150-ml bottles reportedly showed 14.5 kW energy consumption for this all-electric model, vs. 22 kW for a hybrid version and 27 kW for a hydraulic version of this press. All-electric IBM machines are available from 60 to 220 tons.

Two types of new all-electric PET stretch-blow machines are also on display. The ISBM-180E is a one-stage machine. The CPSB-1000 LLE is a two-stage (reheat) machine from Chum Power in Taiwan. It is designed for 15 L containers.

The all-electric machines reportedly provide energy savings and faster cycles than their hydraulic counterparts. These machines are also well suited to clean-room environments.