New Software Gives Plastics Manufacturers Visibility and Control

Material tracking; a combined production, financial and sales analytics tool; and real-time production monitoring software launches.

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IQMS is debuting several new products at NPE2018 that it says will help plastics manufacturers increase efficiency, delivery quality products and meet customer demands. Track and Trace is a suite of web-enabled tools that allow manufacturers to track materials and trace the history of receiving, quality inspections, processes, work-in-process, and final inventory and shipping records for lots or batches. IQMS says this is possible with serialized finished goods and individual products. Such data can help plastics manufacturers meet industry and audit requirements related to Recall and Analysis for Lot Traceability.

The IQMS WebBI suite enables users to have a full view of and control over production, financial and sales analytics. The IQMS WebBI (Business Intelligence) suite manages production, financial and sales analytics. Data are output to graphical dashboards to ease information interpretation.

Finally, IQMS will have a live demo of its RealTime Production Monitoring and Data Collection platform. This system captures performance data from production machines in real-time to quickly alert you of performance issues before production and equipment problems escalate. Attendees can see IQMS MES software in action via a live connection with Wittmann Battenfeld injection molding machines at the show. The IQMS Product Monitoring system now also supports new OPC-UA and Euromap63, protocols, allowing it to connect to a growing list of equipment.

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