Thermoforming | 1 MINUTE READ

Novel Thermoform Tooling Helps PP Coffee Pods Float

Tool forms pods with extremely low material densities, allowing them to float and be recovered in water-separation recycling systems.


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Working closely with parent company Kiefel, Bosch Sprang has developed new patent- pending thermoforming tooling for producing PP coffee pods with a material density of lower than 1 kg/m3, allowing them to be recycled in water-separation systems.

The new tooling system has been statistically analyzed as well as tested and can be adapted to most tilting bed style thermoforming machines, the companies say. Consequently, it does not require any special machine adaptions. The proprietary technology is based on several unique and innovative multi-functional elements in the tool that reportedly enable and control specific mechanical properties of the coffee cups. 

Kiefel is displaying the technology at its booth on its KTR 6.1 Speed pressure-forming machine. The firm says the KTR 6.1 Speed sets new standards in power, forming area and speed. The machine is suited to a wide range of materials, among them rPET, PP, PS, PLA, PE and others, including foamed materials.