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Robust Melt Filter for High-Pressure Applications

New melt filter line handles a broad range of materials, including PE, PP, PS, PC, and ABS.


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The New Model CFO (Continuous Filter Operation) 25 melt filter from ADG Solutions, Tucker, Ga., offers more than 10% larger screen surface area and sizing that is completely imperial—replacing the existing 600-mm model. The cover includes 360° of studs, thereby properly sealing the surface and preventing any leaks. This robust design tolerates much higher pressures of up to 3500 psi.

ADG’s CFO line handles a broad range of materials, including PE, PP, PS, PC, and ABS. The filter can handle up to 10% paper and other foreign objects up to 0.75-in. diam. Contaminants such as metal, wood, paper, textile fibers, unmelted plastic granules, and a smaller percentage of aluminum, lead, copper, rocks and other impurities, are readily tolerated.

Recent improvements in the series include a new scraper design that has been refined for smaller purges. This design improves efficiency and covers a broader range of applications. The corresponding computer controls have been updated to allow for a variable number of scrapes between purging cycles so the user can maximize contamination collection.

The screen-plate filter has also been redesigned to be thicker and harder and to have more uniform hole quality. Also available is a new diamond-hard plate surface for aggressive and abrasive processes. This design offers two to three times longer screen life than the existing design.