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Sheet: Next-Generation System For PET

Optimized extruder, new feedblock options, and Industry 4.0 compatibility highlight new line for PET packaging sheet.


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Reifenhauser (U.S. office Maize, Kan.) has developed what it calls its next-generation of sheet extrusion lines for PET packaging. The lines are equipped with the machine builder’s third-generation series of REItruder twin-screw extruders and produce sheet for direct contact with food from 100% rPET meeting FDA requirements. Lines can be furnished with various coextrusion feedblocks are available from Reifenhauser EDS. Reifenhauser purchased flat die specialist EDS GmbH about a year ago. As a result, it can furnish feedblocks with fixed-layer geometries along with the more flexible REIcofeed 2.1 feedblock systems, in which material streams can be adjusted during operation. Processors can choose between internal deckling for maximum flexibility in the film width, or a lip gap that can be configured during operation for fast thickness changes, as well as between manual or automatic operation with thermal expansion bolts.

Downstream, Reifenhauser has also updated its Mirex-MT-V high-performance polishing stack. Depending on the requirements, the stack can be furnished with three or four polishing rolls. As an option, the roll stack can be specified with an axis crossing for the first roll is available optionally to produce thin films with large widths.

The entire line has been prepared for the implementation of Industry 4.0 functions that are being developed group-wide by Reifenhauser Digital. Thanks to the modular concept, processor can decide individually which functionalities benefit their business activities and which are currently not needed.