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Testing: Data Collection Software Upgrade for Measurement Tools

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Mitutoyo America’s MeasurLink 9 software collects data from a wide range of its measuring tools such as CMM and vision systems.


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Mitutoyo America, Aurora, Ill., has released the latest version of its real-time statistical process control and data collection software. MeasurLink 9 is a modular data management software system that enables collection data directly from a wide range of Mitutoyo measuring tools including: digital gaging, multi-gage fixtures, coordinate measuring machines, vision systems, surface systems, roundness systems, form systems.

Key updates on the MeasurLink 9 release include:

  • Supports Windows users and allows single sign-on ideal for teams, groups and companies
  • Run hypothetical “what-if” scenarios in Process Analyzer
  • Displays dynamic data from a data source in high-sampling rates
  • Uncertainty Chart provides a visual representation of how the gage performance affects measurement
  • Copy/paste Gage R&R(repeatability & reproducibility) data
  • Improved Gage Management by importing information from an external source
  • Automatically identify characteristics during data collection based on tolerancing
  • Better traceability to ensure proper data recording for serial numbers
  • Ability to import calibration data in Gage Management



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