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Thermoforming: New Form, Cut, Stack Former for Medium-Volume Production

Targets packaging for the food, medical, and industrial markets.


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GN Thermoforming Equipment has developed a form, cut, stack thermoformer that targets low- to medium-volume production runs for packaging for the food, medical, and industrial markets.

The GN580 Thermoformer is a smaller version of the GN800 launched at K 2016 that was. It was built after customer research conducted by GN indicated strong demand. The first new GN580 machine currently being assembled has already been sold to a European packaging manufacturer, according to GN. It is said to offer many of the same features of the larger machine but is designed chiefly for smaller production runs, particularly for the medical and industrial markets.

The GN580 adapts many of the same unique features of the GN800 and handles all thermoformable grades of PET, OPS, HIPS, PLA, PP, and PVC. Among the top priorities of GN’s customer-focused approach are improving productivity and ensuring that customers produce the most finished parts per pound of sheet. Common-edge tooling offers the ability to form a series of square or rectangular trays in a row or multiple rows while reducing web between the edges of the products.