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Thermoforming at NPE: Machines Raise Performance Bar
Exhibitors at this year’s show introduced an assortment of new machines and upgraded models with designs incorporating the latest in mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic technologies.

Thermoforming at NPE: Less Scrap, More Power For the Buck
Most of the developments will focus on in-line systems.

Servo-driven RDK 80 pressure former

Thermoforming at NPE 2003
There will be fewer thermoforming machines on display at NPE 2003 than at many recent NPEs.

Illig’s unique bottle thermoforming machine

NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Thermoforming
NPE had its share of innovations in thermoforming, notably a new machine that opens the small-bottle market to thermoformers. New trim stations offer more in the way of output and versatility. And more machines are now outfitted with off-the-shelf controls to facilitate servicing. A line of formers from Australia also arrived in the U.S. (Note: additional NPE thermoforming news appeared in May and June—see Learn More box.)

Geiss’s new composite sheet forming machine

NPE News in Thermoforming
For thermoforming of both heavy-gauge sheet and thin-gauge packaging, the show will present new machines with unusual flexibility, able to form a wide variety of products and materials.

Amut’s newest tilt-mold continuous former

What's New at the Show in THERMOFORMING
Continuous in-line packaging systems will be the main emphasis in thermoforming at K 2007.

New Tooling Combines Pre-Punch and Trimming
The new 4242 berry-basket tooling system from Irwin Research & Development Inc., Yakima, Wash., consolidates pre-punch and trimming operations into one station.

RFID technology

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Thermoforming
Several new processing technologies unveiled at NPE point to thermoforming’s growing capability to produce in-mold labeled and decorated plastic parts.

Hull of boat

NPE News Wrap-Up: Thermoforming
Soaring interest in in-mold finishing techniques for injection molding and fiber-reinforced composites offers new prospects for cut-sheet formers.

All-servo-driven GN2222E contact-heat pressure former

Servos Drive Faster Packaging Systems
High-speed packaging systems dominated thermoforming news in Dusseldorf. A new shallow-draw, servo-driven system promises to make formed PP deli lids competitive with injection molded LLDPE. Other new machines use electric servo motors to speed forming of PS, PE, and PET packaging.

Physically blown PET foams

Foamed PET Sheet Tackles New Markets
Perpetually in its infancy, PET foam sheet has been a hard sell for packaging producers over nearly a decade. It found successful niches in thermoformed ovenable bakery trays, meat trays, and reheatable dinner trays for home delivery to disabled persons.

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