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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Enhanced Resins & Additives At Biopolymers Conference
An industry gathering sponsored by NatureWorks is a forum for materials, additives, and processing advances.

Conference Report: Bioplastics Are Breaking Out of Their 'Green' Niche
The excitement in the air of the recent Innovation Takes Root conference was a sense of arrival.

ADDITIVES: Antifog Keeps PP Sheet Clear in the Cold
New VF-P05 antifog masterbatch from Polyvel, Inc., Hammonton, N.J., is said to be highly effective in refrigerated conditions, as well as in hot environments.

Wood-plastic and other natural-fiber composites

NPE News in Additives
Colorants were the most numerous class of additives making news at the huge triennial plastics exhibition last month in Chicago. Some of the new colorants were aimed at specialized applications, from natural-fiber composites to laser marking, while others were for aesthetic special effects, such as color shifts and diamond-like sparkle.

Antifog Concentrate Works Faster in Film
A new antifog masterbatch for LDPE blown film used to package refrigerated produce is said to work more quickly than previous products in coextruded and monolayer films.

Non-Halogen FR Masterbatch for PC/ABS
A new halogen-free fl ame-retardant concentrate for PC/ABS is the fi rst entry in FR concentrates from Polyvel Inc., Hammonton, N.J., which aims to focus on engineering resins.

NPE Newsfinder: Chemicals & Additives
Lots of new additive and color concentrates will be displayed at NPE 2000. There will also be new pigments, including some for laser marking. Several new processing aids and modifiers for thermoplastics and thermosets are slated to debut. Also look for new mold releases and a purging agent for optical disc resins. Interesting new fillers include a new electroconductive wollastonite and high-impact wollastonite grades for automotive applications.

Product Categories of Polyvel Inc.

Antiblocking Concentrates
Antifogging Agents
Antioxidant Concentrates
Antistat Concentrates
Blowing Agents--Concentrates
Custom Compounding, Formulating--Thermoplastics
Flame Retardant Concentrates
Fragrance Additives
Lubricant Concentrates
Nucleating/Clarifying Agents
Processing Aids--Other Organic Types
Processing Aids--Polymeric Type
Release Agents--Internal (Additive Type)
Slip Agent Concentrates