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Published: 12/9/2019

High-Temperature Nylon 66 for Blow-Molded Automotive Components
DSM has expanded its Akulon Diablo nylon porfolio for automotive air management systems.

Published: 10/1/2019

Additives: High-Performance Colorants for Engineering Plastics
Milliken’s new KeyPlast Resist portfolio of bright colorants developed for nylons and other high-heat plastics.

Published: 9/26/2019

Testing: Desktop SEM Helps Manufacturers Improve Quality Control Efficiency, Accuracy, and Material Cleanliness
A versatile and intuitive desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hillsboro, Ore.

Published: 9/26/2019

Materials: Low-Warpage, High Hydrolysis-Resistant PBT for Automotive
Polyplastics’ Duranex flame-retardant PBT boasts outstanding electrical properties plus high rigidity and low warpage.

Published: 9/18/2019

Hot Runners: Family Mold Friendly Systems, Cylinders, Nozzles and Cooling Tech Featured
At K 2019, HRS’ FLEXflow will power a pair of family molds and the company will showcase new cylinders, hot runner nozzles and cooling technology.

Published: 9/9/2019

Materials: New Self-Bonding LSR for Overmolding onto PC, PBT
Primerless adhesion of Momentive’s new LSR to PC and polyesters will be demonstrated at K 2019.

Published: 9/2/2019

Materials: Novel Nylon 66 and Modified PPE Foams for Automotive
Asahi Kasei develops ‘first’ nylon 66 bead and modified PPE foams for challenging automotive applications. 

Published: 8/28/2019

Materials: Advanced Fluoropolymers Enhance Themoplastic Composites
AGC Chemical’s new Fluon reins and compounds boost strength heat tolerance, adhesion and more.

Published: 8/27/2019

Materials: Novel Nylon 6 Compounds Outperform Standard Nylon 6
Teknor’s Creamid P nylon 6 series boasts less water absorption, allowing for superior property retention.

Published: 8/20/2019

Materials: Broader Range of Biobased and Recycled Resins to Debut at K 2019
Albis Plastics is among several companie to feature an expanded ‘greener’ portfolio of resins and compounds.