Additives: Additive Masterbatch Boosts rPET Performance

Aquadye Fibers’ new Nylester masterbatch for compounders brings rPET performance to nylon 6 equivalent.


Sun Plastech Has Rebranded to Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas

  Company believes the new brand emphasizes the technical expertise and global product development focus for which Asahi Kasei is so well known.  


Albis Plastics Separated Distribution and Compounding Businesses

Albis’ compounding business now operating as Mocom, a separate company from Albis resin distribution.
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Materials: Glass and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PP for Automotive

Borealis brings its Fibremod PP technology to North America which boasts flexible designs with reduced weight and cost in automotive applications, 
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Black Swan Be-Ready Planning

Even the most nimble manufacturers with the most creative crisis management planning were likely caught flat footed by coronavirus—how can you better prepare for its remaining surprises and future crises?


Thermoplastics Structures the Focus of Engel’s China Composites Expo Presence

At the China Composites Expo 2020 (Sept. 2-4; Shanghai), Engel will highlight its thermoplastic based organomelt composite technology saying it represents the “answer to sustainable transport.”


Moldworx Consolidates into New Facility to Expand Business in Medical, Silicon Wafer Markets

Moldworx already molding FDA-approved TPU face masks prompted by coronavirus pandemic and can up production as needed. 


Lanxess' Easy-Flow Nylon 6 Enables Integrated Hybrid Front-End Module with Adjustable Air Flow

Durethan BKV30H2.0EF glass-reinforced nylon 6 from Lanxess used in highly-loaded plastic-metal structural bolster of new Ford Kuga SUV.


USMCA Implementation Strengthens Plastics Sectors Positioning for Continued Cooperation and Growth

The implementation of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a historic step for the three nations; their businesses and workers; and consumers, said PLASTICS’ President and CEO Tony Radoszewksi.


Plastics for Large Touchscreens, LED Light Panels Made with High Transparency & Electrical Conductivity

University of Michigan researchers have made plastic conductive and also more transparent for large touchscreens, LED light panels and window-mounted infrared solar cells.