Growing Interest in TPEs for COVID-19 Related Medical Applications

United Soft Plastics reports on a surging intereste for TPEs for face masks, ventilators, and face shields due to their elasticity, resilience, and FDA compliance.  

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In this Tech Day session, experts Walter Smith of Nordson and Steve DeAngelis of Davis-Standard will speak about new developments in high-speed sheet extrusion and next-generation tooling.

Novel Flexible and Toughened Engineering Resin

Toray leverages proprietary nanoalloy technology to create a unique flexible and toughened type of nylon.

One of the First Portfolios of Sustainable TPEs Commercially Launched

Audia Elastomers’ new AudiaFlex TPEs are produced from post-consumer, post-industrial, biobased, and marine waste based sources.

Automated Crosshead for Elastomer Hose

Said to be engineered to minimize operator involvement and use of hand tools, thereby improving safety.  

Engel Launches Used Machinery Business

Located in Prague based on Eastern Europe’s interest in second-hand equipment, the unit will buy back, refurbish and sell injection molding machines and robots.

NewAge Adds Tubing Capacity in Coronavirus Fight

Processors add three new Davis-Standard silicone extruders to increase production of tubing line.

Proprietary TPE Compound for Premium Electronic Components

PolymaxTPE’s new bondable TPE boasts excellent adhesion to PC, ABS and their blends and alloys.

Fast, Precise Machine Helps Tubing Processor Make the Cut

Instead of turning down a job or farming out cutting to another company because of downstream bottlenecks, Eagle Elastomer can now handle all extrusion process functions in-house. 

The Buck Stops … at This One-Stop Compounder

CRC Polymer Systems brings expertise in material selection, product formulation and processing, and a thorough understanding of part design and tooling under one roof with a series of customized materials and capabilities aimed at OEMs and molders.

Materials Part 6 of 7: Annealing Tips for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

TPUs form physical, rather than chemical, crosslinks that can be broken by reheating. Formation of these crosslinks can be sped up by annealing, which improves a variety of properties.

Reactive Extrusion: Industry Icons Impart Their Insights

Three distinguished experts in the area of reactive extrusion shed some light on this process.

Fakuma Show Goes On (Digitally) for Wittmann Battenfeld

Self-contained inline scrap integration; medical, LSR, and packaging Cells; an MES Upgrade and more to be introduced virtually.

Materials: Unusual Crosslinkable Elastomers Outperform TPVs, Silicones and Thermoset Rubbers

PolyOne’s new Barricade Elastomers offer high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing and lighter weight.

3D Laser Scanning Accelerated Production of PPE Masks for Coronavirus Pandemic

NVision’s non-contact scanning/measurement technologies have a growing role in helping to swiftly create products to minimize exposure to COVID-19. 

Dow to Throttle Back PE Production in the Americas

Dow is idling three PE plants and two elastomer plants to address supply/demand imbalance, exacerbated by the coronavirus impact/

Materials: Medical TPEs Boast Excellent Adhesion to Engineering Plastics

Teknor Apex’s next-generation Medalist MD-3000 Series said to offer productivity advantages over silicones. 

Boeing Delivers 3D Printed Face Shields to Healthcare Professionals

Solvay provided the clear film for the face shields whereas Trelleborg Sealing Solutions donated the elastic used for the adjustable headband.

Materials: TPE for Biopharmaceutical Tubing

PolyOne’s Versaflex HC BT218 addresses increased interest in silicone alternatives.

Materials: Full Range of Compounds for All Components in 5G Antenna Cables

Teknor’s Apex PVC, Flexalloy PVC Elastomer, and Halguard Halogen-Free Polyolefin Compounds help meet carriers’ need for control/fiber optic cable constructions.
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Micromolder Makuta Adopts Carbon 3D Printing

Special printing process opens up new business for custom injection molder in functional prototypes and short runs of complex parts.

Key Polymer Additive Manufacturing Highlights from Formnext 2019

Lots of new technology and advances from material and additive manufacturing system providers. 

Extrusion: Simulation Software Permits Die Optimization

Long-established supplier of mold and hot runner simulation software adds extrusion to its mix.