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Freeformer System Offers Flexibility in Prototyping

Originally titled 'Freeformer System Offers Flexibility in Prototyping'
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Arburg says that its Freeformer customers can qualify their own materials using the APF process and optimize process parameters to the application at hand.

With a freeformer and numerous functional parts, Arburg demonstrates at NPE2018 that Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) is suitable for prototyping and industrial additive manufacturing of functional parts. Freeformer customers can qualify their own materials using the APF process and optimize process parameters to the application at hand. Arburg says that an enormous advantage in this context is that certified original materials can be used. In addition to amorphous standard granules such as ABS, PA and PC, the company’s range of qualified materials includes elastic TPE, medical-grade PLLA, PC that is approved for the aerospace industry and semi-crystalline PP.


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