Get into the Zone: Flexible Vinyl

The Flexible Vinyl Zone showcases the latest trends in vinyl across industries, including the medical, automotive, construction, packaging and consumer products industries.

Anyone who works with vinyl will find something for them at NPE2018’s Flexible Vinyl Zone. According to Glenn Anderson, Chairman of NPE2018 and v.p., Strategic Account Development for Milacron, “This zone is all about flexible PVC used in medical, automotive, and construction. The zone is very focused and specific to one material, rather than one industry.”

The 3,300 net ft2 Flexible Vinyl Zone is the spot to find industry experts on PVC from the medical, automotive, construction, packaging and consumer products industries. Stop by here to find suppliers of both liquid plastisols and solids like pellets, cubes, and powders.

Plus, the material-specific nature of this zone leads to a collection of vinyl-related innovations all in one place. Notes Terry Peters, v.p., Technical and Industry Affairs for the Plastics Industry Association, “While PLASTICS represents the plastics industry from resin to articles, there is a special focus on vinyl. As a versatile, safe and long-lasting material, we see this Flexible Vinyl Zone as an opportunity to present innovative ideas and products to the marketplace.”

“Processors and material compounders will be interested in the products and materials on display,” Peters says. The zone is expected to bring together attendees from a variety of industries.

Check out the Flexible Vinyl Zone to see the newest innovations in the field. “While vinyl has been around a long time,” Peters says, “new products and hybrids are now broadening and expanding vinyl opportunities.”

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