New Line of Blown Film Coolers


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Mokon's Blown Film Air Coolers offer an increase in blown film productivity, especially in warmer climates or other environments where ambient air temperatures rise during the summer. Mokon's BFC Series boosts productivity by eliminating production variables in air ring supply, including air temperature, pressure and volume, and are available in sizes from 600 CFM to 7500 CFM. The BFC Series uses a modulated chilled water supply to provide a constant leaving air temperature to the process. The air inlet diffuser assures that the air stream covers the full face of the cooling coil to provide optimum cooling efficiency. The leaving air chamber is insulated to reduce condensation while providing the coldest air possible to the air ring. The overall design provides for long life, durability and accurate air ring process control. Other features of the Blown Film Coolers include: powder-coated, heavy-gauge steel cabinet designed for 35-inch static pressure; non-corrosive wetted surfaces; 16-inch or 35-inch static pressure blower packages; permanent cleanable filter; condensate trap; drip condensate pan; bolt-on adjustable legs; stackable design available; dial thermometers for chilled water inlet, chilled water outlet and leaving air; and pre-piped with optional two or three-way chilled water control valves.