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Reclaim System Pays Off for Foam Film Processor

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A recent move to reclaim in-house production scrap paid off in six months for one processor of foamed film. In business for more than 40 years, Pak-Lite Inc. (PLI), Suwanee, Ga., previously had given its production scrap to local recyclers, says Paul Dooley, director of corporate development. “We simply could not compact the material,” which is used in automotive and other applications, he explains.

So in June 2010, PLI turned to Process Control Corp., Atlanta, and ordered that company’s Automatic Scrap Recycling (ASR) system. The package consisted of its RMX Series Refeed Machine, GF Series Film Grinder, RFN roll feeder, RN Series vacuum receiver, and CY Series cyclone. The film grinder is designed to cut thin-gauge scrap to yield the highest bulk density and best flowability. The cutting chamber features double-angled knives for a clean slicing action. PLI upgraded its system in May of last year with an additional grinder and other enhancements.