Shell Chemicals Launches Shell Polymers PE

Shell Polymers aims to change the way day-to-day business in polyethylene is conducted.

Shell Chemicals (U.S. office in Houston) has launched Shell Polymers—a new PE business dedicated to building the “unrivaled customer experience.” Says Shell Polymers’ general manager, Emma Lewis, “With immediate access to world-class talent, industry resources and technical knowledge, Shell Polymers aims to change the way day-to-day business in polyethylene is currently conducted.” The company, which is returning to plastics production after selling off its PP business 20 years ago, is building a PE plant in Potter Township, Beaver County, Pa.

Says Lewis, “The Pennsylvania Chemicals Project will be the first Shell-operated PE production facility in company history.” That world-scale petrochemical facility provides proximity to more than 70% of the North American PE market. Close to both supply and markets, the new facility will decrease economic and environmental transportation costs and provide regional plastics manufacturers with more flexibility, shorter supply chains and enhanced supply dependability, the company says. Once complete, the facility anticipates production with an average capacity of 3.3 billion lb/yr of ethylene and three PE units running LLDPE and HDPE with a combined production capacity of approximately 3.5 billion lb/yr.

A new Shell Polymers Innovation Center will be located at the site as a regional technology hub for customers. The center will consist of an analytical and materials-testing lab that will allow for close collaboration with customers to develop unique products.


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