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Smart Attend Gets Innovator Award

Canadian plastics group recognizes firm for its real-time production data technology.


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Smart Attend  has been awarded the Canadian Plastics Industries Association (CPIA) Innovator Award for 2017. The award recognizes companies who are pushing the envelope in terms of technology and introducing innovating ideas that push the manufacturing industry forward.

Based in Aurora, Ontario, Smart Attend was founded in 2014 with the aim of presenting real-time machine production data remotely. It took Smart Attend four years to develop the technology, after which it was subjected to a “rigorous prototype and testing phase” that saw the system installed machinery ranging from CNC equipment to large tonnage injection molding presses. Since then, Smart Attend says it has focused on making machine monitoring easy, and providing a solution that can be easily retrofitted onto older machines to re-introduce them with new, modern technology.

Says Max Preston, Smart Attend’s director of sales and marketing, “We’ve been keenly focused on developing a unique, powerful solution in the marketplace that can be utilized by any company, across multiple industries. It’s a rewarding feeling to be recognized by the CPIA for our advancements in technology.”


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