Super-Lightweight PET Bottle For Quick Refreshment

Two new PET water bottles set benchmarks for light weight and material savings.

Krones AG in Germany (U.S. office in Franklin, Wis.) has developed a droplet-shaped 200-ml PET bottle for still water that weighs only 4.4 g. It has a 26/22 neck finish, typical for water bottles, and can be closed with a standard screw cap. The bottle can be stabilized for storage and transportation with nitrogen pressurization after filling.

This bottle debuted at last fall’s Drinktec exhibition in Germany. At the same show, competing German PET bottle machinery maker KHS (U.S. office in Waukesha, Wis.) introduced what was billed as the world’s lightest 500-ml PET water bottle, dubbed Factor 100, which weighs 5 g.

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