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WELDING: Micro Welder For Small Resistance Welding Applications

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Miyachi's micro welder is well suited for small applications in the electronic component and battery pack markets.

A new linear DC micro welder reportedly offers precision control for small resistance welding applications such as those in the electronic component and battery pack markets.

The DC29 from Miyachi Unitek Corp, Monrovia, Calif., has an output of 200-4000 amps which is said to be ideal for applications where closed-loop feedback control, fast response times, and a controlled precise energy waveform are required.  It features a single-phase input, compact size, and dual pulse schedules and can deliver precisely controlled repeatable waveform and an ultra-fast rise time of less than 200 micro seconds.  A successor to DC25, this micro welder boasts improved waveform control and faster rise time, as well as new side-mounted buss bars with threaded inserts for mounting weld cables, simplified rear panel I/O connections, and an on/off switch on the front panel. (626) 303-5676 • miyachiamerica.com