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DuPont to Spin Off TiO2, Fluoropolymers


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You may have heard that DuPont Co., Wilmington, Del., announced last week plans to split off its Performance Chemicals segment from the rest of the company. When completed in about 18 months, the move will create a new public entity owned 100% by DuPont shareholders.


In case you were wondering what plastics-related businesses will be departing the DuPont umbrella for the new organization, Performance Chemicals includes Ti-Pure titanium dioxide, Teflon and Tefzel fluoropolymers, and Formacel HFC and HCFC foam blowing agents (used in polyurethanes), as well as Freon refrigerants, Vazo polymerization initiators (for acrylic and vinyl monomers), surfacing materials, and a variety of industrial chemicals (sulfuric acid, methylamines, etc.).


Apart from fluoropolymers, all other DuPont plastics and elastomers will remain under DuPont Performance Materials.