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7/2/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

First Totally Biodegradable Fishing Lure Soon to Debut

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MHG's PHA has been used to manufacture the first completely biodegradable fishing lure.



What is said to be the first-ever, totally biodegradable freshwater fishing lure will be making its debut at the Convention of Allied Sportsfishing Trade Show (ICAST), being held July 14-17 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.


Injection molded by Rat-L-Trap of Alexandria, La., the new fishing lures are made from 100% Nodax PHA from biopolymer producer MHG, Bainbridge, Ga., which has plans to give out 150 lures at this event. These lures have been shown to perform as well as its conventional plastic counterparts.


The Nodax PHA is reportedly the first bioplastic ever to be Vincotte Certified for Marine Biodegradability. It is also certified to biodegrade completely in freshwater, as well as soil and industrial composting. These certifications pave the way for the fishing industry to convert to using biodegradable plastic for certain products.


Says MHG’s CEO Paul Pereira, “As an avid fisherman, I’ve seen first hand the plastic pollution in the ocean. When you think of all the fishermen out there, and how many lures get lost each season, it is hard to think of all that plastic that will sit in the ocean for hundreds of years to come. The same thing applies to fresh water fishing but in a larger scale. With these biodegradable lures powered by MHG, pollution that is a result of the fishing industry can be reduced.”


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