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4/26/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Highlights From The Earth Day Twitter Chat

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Last week, Plastics Technology participated in a pre-Earth Day Twitter chat with Jeff Wooster of Dow Chemical, Kim Holmes of PLASTICS, Envision Plastics and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Last week, I participated in a pre-Earth Day Twitter chat with Jeff Wooster of Dow Chemical, Kim Holmes of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), Envision Plastics and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The Twitter chat, hosted by PLASTICS, was designed to spark discussion about sustainability, innovations in plastics and promoting a better world. And it did.

It’s always important to get the word out about plastics and sustainability but perhaps even more so as this year’s Earth Day theme was to “End Plastic Pollution.”

It was great to see members of the supply chain participate in the Twitter chat as well as consumers. For instance, a topic that spurred conversation was innovations in recycling and the use of ocean plastic in packaging. One person responded with:

Earth day twitter chat response


That tweet is something brand owners and the industry should take note of. The material and design of a package can influence a consumer’s buying choice.

Also, I’m working on a big feature this summer for PT about ocean plastics, so if you’re involved in that initiative, send me a note and let’s talk.

Here are some other highlights from the discussion (click on the question to see the Twitter conversation):

· Q1: What are the top three sustainability priorities for your company?

· Q2: What are some of the most exciting trends or innovations in recycling that can help promote a better world?

· Q3: What do you think is the greatest innovation in plastic that helps drive sustainability?

· Q4: What is one action that people can take in their everyday lives to improve the environment and promote a better world?

· Q5: How is your company promoting a better world on Earth Day?


  • Laser Welding Comes of Age

    Laser welding is gaining acceptance as a specialized method for joining plastic parts that are sensitive (e.g., contain circuit boards), involve complex geometries, or have strict cleanliness requirements (medical devices). So far, most of this activity has taken place in Europe.

  • Eliminate Dust, Fines and Longs For Better Regrind Quality

    Considering the high cost of resin and heightened concerns for product quality, it is surprising that so little attention is given to the impact of regrind quality on plastics processing.

  • How to Choose & Use Metal Separators

    Use of magnets for removing ferrous contaminants in an industrial environment began in the 1940s to help farmers trap and remove metal contaminants from their grain chutes.