If You’ve Got a Problem…

How many of you completed that headline with a song lyric?


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My hope is that you read the title of this post and completed it as a Billy Swan lyric (…I Can Help) or a Vanilla Ice line (…Yo I’ll Solve It) or, indirectly lyrical, maybe some of the Rush fans out there ended with a Neil Peart quote (…take it out on a drum).

Regardless, we are here to talk problems, not lyrics. So, if you’ve got a problem, we want to hear about it (and we want to help and to solve it, but maybe not with a drum).

In celebration of the plastics industry’s premier problem-solving event, NPE2018: The Plastics Show, we are hosting the Plastics Technology (PT) Problem Solvers contest. With the contest, we want to hear about you, your problems and your problems solved. In exchange we have some great giveaways, some great prizes and perhaps a few surprises.

There are three easy ways to enter and three quick prompts you can answer.

What to enter?

  • Show Your Face – Share a picture of you or your team with Plastics Technology media or preparing for NPE 2018.
  • Tell Your Story – Upload or share a video telling us about you, your company or an idea for a story we should tell.
  • What’s Your Problem? – Tell us about a problem you’re trying to solve or what you’re looking for at NPE2018.

How to enter?

What’s in it for You?

  • PT Gear: All submissions will receive a limited-edition Plastics Technology giveaway
  • PT Prizes: We’re giving away one prize for each day of NPE2018. Prizes include a Drone, voice-assistant speaker, digital camera and video camera
  • Refreshments: Visit us at Booth W-2513, West Hall at NPE2018 for refreshments and networking

The PT Problem Solvers contest is currently accepting submissions and will remain open through NPE2018 – The Plastics Show. We will be sharing submissions on PTonline.com/network and @plastechmag / #PTProblemSolver. Be sure to check back and connect to see the faces, the stories and the problems shared by colleagues and peers.

In the meantime, we really hope to hear from you. Be candid, be creative and let us know what’s on your mind.

Before we go, while we highlighted Mr. Swan and Mr. Ice and Mr. Peart earlier, we left out the most important headline conclusion “if you have problem…register for NPE.” If you haven’t registered, you can do so now at npe.org  

If you can’t make it to NPE2018, be sure to start or renew your free subscription to Plastics Technology to stay connected!


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