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Maco PKG Licenses Dow PacXpert Flexible Packaging Technology

Maco is the third North American licensee of the this technology, joining KRW Packaging Machinery and Ring Container.


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Over the last few years, the frequency of reporting on new and improved flexible food and non-food packaging that is swiftly replacing rigid container versions has increased significantly. Among the new developments are improved barrier technologies, all-PE packaging, and innovative flexible stand-up pouches such as those produced with the PacXpert PE Technology from DowDupont. Dow tradenamed the technology as PacXpert after acquiring the global license to the innovative Smart Bottle technology on which PacXpert is founded.                                                                  

Flexible packaging company Maco PKG of Newark, N.Y. has become the third North American licensee of the this technology, joining KRW Packaging Machinery and Ring Container Technologies. As a licensee, Maco will now drive the technology through manufacturing and sales in North America. The company’s manufacturing expertise enables not only the ability to manufacture PacXpert, but also to fill it through Maco’s co-packing capabilities, which provide a turnkey approach for brand owners.

PacXpert Packaging Technology is a packaging design that enables transition from traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging with sustainability benefits and convenience. The distinctive, flexible stand-up pouch is durable, easy to use, lightweight and collapsible. The technology has earned numerous packaging awards for its unique ergonomics, durability, and shelf appeal. With the addition of dual handles, as well as the placement and angle of the seals, PacXpert won’t burst or break during transport. The gusseted corners offer durability and secure handling. This packaging also displays four siders of advertising space and custom print options, as well as the option for a transparent window to reveal the product inside.

“We are very excited to be an official new member of the PacXpert team…between Dow’s technical expertise and our manufacturing capabilities, we feel that we are well positioned for making PacXpert a success in North America,” said Maco account executive Tom Seymour.  Maco has manufactured high-quality packaging for a wide variety of industries of over 80 years. Within their 240,000-ft2 facility, they specialize in flexible packaging, contract packaging, and customized packaging solutions. Maco has serviced the U.S. military, food and beverage, industrial, automotive, medical and dental, health and beauty, electronics, and photography markets. 

The technology is compatible with many different types of applications that span liquids, solids, edible and non-edible materials. Edible examples include oils, condiments, sauces, soups, honey, syrups, water, juices, dry pet food or treats, rice/grains, breakfast cereal, dry baking products, ground coffee and snack foods. Non-edible examples include paint & coatings, detergents, cleaning products, motor oil, fuel additive, seeds, cat litter, de-icer pellets, and fine aggregates (filter sand).