A History of All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

1952 Numerical control (NC) of machine tools established by MIT researchers using a Milacron milling machine

1959 Electro-hydraulic pulse motor (an NC-controlled hydraulic servomotor) patented by Dr. Eng. Seiuemon Inaba of Fujitsu.

1972 Fujitsu spins off its motor and NC control technology in a new company, FANUC (Fuji Automatic Numerical Control), with Dr. Inaba as executive vice-president.

1973 World oil crisis prompts FANUC to develop a more energy efficient, all-electric servomotor, culminating in full development of NC servomotors by FANUC. MILACRON’s Machine Tool group becomes a major technology partner with FANUC.

1983 MILACRON-FANUC begin a strategic partnership to develop a CNC-controlled all-electric injection molding machine.

1985 MILACRON-FANUC introduces the jointly-developed ACT (AC Technology) all-electric injection molding machine at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE).

1990 Third generation ACT “D” series introduced.

1994 At NPE, MILACRON-FANUC introduces fourth generation called ROBOSHOT and MILACRON’s own US built line called ELECTRA.

1995 Cincinnati Milacron introduces the Elektra 725 at K Show in Dusseldorf. The largest all-electric machine in the industry.

1997 30% of the 150 machines sold by MILACRON-FANUC at NPE are all-electric.

1998 MILACRON announces US sales of all-electric IMMs surpass 400 units for the year, a 50 percent increase over 1997.

1998 Elektron Technologies group of MILACRON introduces new POWERLINE series.

1999 POWERLINE range is expanded to 220, 330, 440 and 550 tons clamp force.

1999 Sixth generation ROBOSHOT i-series is introduced.

2000 70% of MILACRON-FANUC machine sales at NPE are all-electric

2000 MILACRON–FANUC have sold more than 12,000 machines. Approximately one-third of sales are in the U.S.

2000 Cincinnati Milacron displays POWERLINE 550 Packaging machine, 750 and 935 ton all-electric machines at NPE.

2002 Seventh generation ROBOSHOT SiB (S2000iA)-series are introduced into the US market

2002 Cincinnati Milacron announces manufacture and shipment of first all-electric NT1125 in North America.

2004 Cincinnati Milacron designs 150mm 25:1 extruder for high throughput applications on all-electric POWERLINE Packaging machinery.

2005 Cincinnati Milacron enhances packaging machinery capability with new “mini-PAK” injection unit for medium to high duty packaging applications.

2006 Eighth generation ROBOSHOT S2000iB is introduced with highest level technology in the industry and completely new clamp, electronics design and software structure.

2006 Milacron- Fanuc have sold more than 24,000 ROBOSHOTs

2006 Over 700 POWERLINEs above 300 ton are installed in dozens of countries around the world.

2006 Milacron introduces/manufactures and ships EPAK – the packaging industry’s first electric based high speed hybrid packaging machine in North America.

2009 Cincinnati Milacron introduces POWERPAK® – a generation III packaging machine line at NPE in Chicago.