Hot Air Dryers

Hot air Dryer
A Heater/Blower Unit is connected to a drying hopper filled with non-hygroscopic material

A simple hot air dryer will suffice when you need to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic resins. A hot air dryer works very simply. It consists of a heater blower unit mounted on drying hopper and a control for the HB. Ambient air is drawn through a filter into a heater/blower unit and heated. The temperature can be adjusted up to 350˚F. The heater/blower is mounted on the drying hopper and the hot air is circulated up through the material in the hopper, carrying surface moisture up and out of the top of the hopper. The control for the heater/blower can be mounted on the hopper stand or on a nearby wall.

You use these same heater blower units in a central drying system but in that case, dry air is supplied to the HB from the central dryer and the process air is re-circulated back to the dryer.

In either case, it is important to provide an HB with a blower large enough to ensure sufficient airflow through the hopper.