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Bunting Rebrands Divisions

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As the company celebrates its 60th anniversary, it rolls out a new unifying brand for its five businesses.

On the occasion of celebrating its 60th anniversary, Bunting Magnetics Co., which was founded in 1959 in Chicago but now operates five businesses across the U.S. and the U.K., has simplified its branding under the Bunting name. Formerly, acquired businesses retained their original names and were designated as a Bunting Magnetics Company. Going forward, this naming structure will be consolidated to: Bunting—Newton (Newton, Kan.); Bunting—Elk Grove (Elk Grove, Ill.); Bunting—DuBois (DuBois, Penn.); Bunting—Berkhamsted (Berkhamsted, U.K.); and Bunting—Redditch (Redditch, U.K.).