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Haitian Sets Sales Record in 2020

Haitian International Holdings Limited posted a new sales record for the 2020 fiscal year, selling more than 43,000 machines and generating $1.8 billion in sales, up 20.3% from 2019.


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Injection molding machine manufacturer Haitian International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) released record results for 2020, as sales rose 20.3% over 2019 to $1.8 billion. Haitian stated in a release that exports outside of China were a big portion of the more than 43,000 machines it sold in 2020. Export sales were up 2.1% to $536.9 million. Fully 37,000 of those 43,000 machines sold came from Haitian’s Mars series, marking a new record for that line. Mars sales rose 28.6% year over year, while Haitian’s all-electric line, Zhafir, saw sales climb 6.8% due to medical device and PPE demand. Sales for the larger two-platen Jupiter line rose 3.2%.

In North America, Haitian said 60% of its total sales of came from servo-hydraulic Mars and Jupiter product lines, with the remaining 40% was generated by the Zhafir electric machines: Venus, Zeres and Jenius. Absolute Haitian (Worcester, Mass.) is the exclusive distributor and service partner for Haitian in Canada and the U.S.

Haitian Ningbo, China

Haitian’s machine manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China.