Make Older Machines Ready for Industry 4.0

Bosch Rexroth’s new IoT Gateway Rack sends plant-floor data to upper-level computer systems.


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What’s described as a “ready-made, drop-in solution to upgrade older machines with Industry 4.0 capabilities” has been introduced by Bosch Rexroth Corp. Its new IoT Gateway Rack is an enclosure containing Rexroth’s IoT Gateway plus all the necessary wiring and connections for PLCs, I/O and other data sources for collecting, processing, and forward plant-floor data to upper-level data systems. It can collect data from legacy PLCs and simple digital and analog I/O from older machines. The Gateway Rack is powered by standard 110V outlets, needing no expensive wiring.

Rexroth’s IoT Gateway integrated into this Rack is a combination of hardware and software for simplifying connections between new and old machines and IT applications like MES, analysis, databases, or cloud applications. It collects sensor and process data with “plug-and-play” browser-based configuration that requires no programming. It allows for parallel operation of the IoT Gateway and machine controls without interfering with the machine’s software.