USMCA Moves Forward

Unencumbered trade flows between the U.S., Canada and Mexico are vital to the health and vibrancy of North America's plastics sector.


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The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement is vital to the industry’s continued ability to innovate and hire new workers. Read our statement below:

USMCA Statement

Perc Pineda shares a statement from PLASTICS President and CEO Tony Radoszewski on passage of the USMCA.


  • Robots Play a Role in Industry 4.0

    Robots are gaining the ability to monitor their internal systems for remote troubleshooting and predictive maintenance. They also are reporting production data.

  • Paperless ‘Smart Factory’ Based on Automated Production Monitoring

    Tier 1 automotive molder’s home-built production-monitoring and ERP systems, designed for “the little guy,” boost its efficiency rating and profits.

  • Next Generation Plastics Workforce

    After years of closely monitoring an increasingly worrisome labor shortage, the Plastics Industry Association’s warnings about the widening gap between the sector’s need for skilled workers and the supply of such employees have shifted to full alarm. The association calls for “collaborative response across all levels of government and all manufacturing sectors” to tackle this critical issue.