Abrasion-Resistant & Highly Transparent TPEs

Kraiburg TPEs showcases its latest TPE developments and highlights its global production expansions, such as the new Buford, Ga. plant.


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Kraiburg TPE   is featuring its custom-engineered TPE solutions, including new grades and target applications within the consumer, industrial, automotive and medical markets. There is also a focus on local support to its customers in the form of a distinctive service bundle; a spectrum that includes project-tailored advice on which engineered plastic compounds to use, including the color and specific application and processing requirements. What’s more, the company is highlighting its global production capacity expansions, including the newly-built Buford, Ga. plant, where capacity went from about 13 million lb/yr to 22 million lb/yr.

Product innovations include the newly launched VS/AD/HM series, said to offer silky, satin-smooth surfaces that feature high-scratch/abrasion-resistance, excellent durability and resistance against chemicals such as sebum oil, creams and common household detergents. The series is designed for consumer electronics applications. The VS/AD/HM series has been specially developed for applications that require a silky and velvety surface, along with excellent adhesion to polar thermoplastic compounds such as PC, ABS, PC/ABS, PU, ASA, SAN, nylons 6 and 12. Available in natural color and black, the compounds also reportedly have impressive processing properties. Applications include controllers for game consoles, remote controls, headphones, toys, protective covers for mobile phones, tablets and cosmetics packaging.

Also showcased is Kraiburg’s FC/ht series of highly transparent materials for applications such as food packaging seals, tooth-brush handles, detergent pods and toys. This series of TPEs is characterized by its excellent adhesion to PP as well as its high-flow processing behavior. It boasts a smooth, non-sticky feel and due to its high transparency, is said to be ideal for applications requiring custom pigmentation or vibrant colors, a forte of Kraiburg TPE.