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Additives: VOC Extraction Additive Masterbatch for PP, TPO

CAI Performance Additives LDV-1035T boasts ‘permanent’ removal of VOCs during compounding eliminating odors in filled PP and TPO compounds.


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A new VOC extraction additive masterbatch is designed for ‘permanent’ removal of smelly volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during compounding of filled PP and TPO compound. Newly available to the North American market, LDV-1025T is exclusively available from Boston-based CAI Performance Additives, a distributor in the region for Asian manufacturers of specialty low-dosage, high-performance plastic additives. For nearly a decade, the company has specialized in serving compounders looking for new approaches to such old problems as odor control and scratch resistance of polyolefins as well as flow enhancers for engineering resins.

The proprietary additive masterbatch has a porous PP bead carrier infused with chemical agents with surfactant properties that have an affinity to charged VOCs along with a fragrance component. According to company president Richard Marshall, a microfoaming takes place as the agents are released during the compounding of PP or TPO, permanently removing the VOCs at the end of the extrusion compounding process. At typical use levels of 0.5% to 2%, its performance results in removing VOC odors, eliminating surface ‘blooms’, while retaining mechanical performance properties. The product is available in commercial tonnage sales, and qualified according to automotive standards, such as Volkswagen.